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Oaktoberfest 2021

Yes, it’s called a table for 5. Let us know when you are seated and we can remove 3 chairs.
No, you can purchase beers and food in person at the event.
No, it is still in the Dimond District, but at the intersection of Dimond Ave and Bienati Way [3400 Dimond Ave., Oakland, CA 94602]
If you want seating for longer duration you have to place multiple orders - a new order for each additional time block reservation. Unfortunately the Eventbrite platform only allows (1) time block reservation per order. We realize when you go to add another time block someone may have already reserved that table at that time, pick the next closest table and we will work our digital magic to avoid you having to physically relocate. Unless you're into musical tables then we'll ride with you. Thank you for your understanding.
Present your ticket/reservation at the check in booth a the corner of Dimond Ave and Bienati Way and you will be shown to your table. All items ordered will be brought to your table shortly after seating.
Please bring a face covering / mask and follow all current CDC and California Department of Health guidelines, including proper social distancing and respecting others' space. Hand Sanitizer will be made available at all event tents. Face masks and plastic gloves will be made available to any attendee upon request at the check in booth at no charge. Hand washing stations will be located adjacent to the porta-potties. Behavior that violates current Covid health guidelines may be grounds for dismissal.
Reservation fees, food, beer, merchandise and all advanced purchases are not refundable. You can transfer the reservation or items. Oaktoberfest reserves the right to void your reservation and reassign your table after 30 minutes of your reservation start time if check in has not occurred. Changing reservation times or reserved table numbers is not possible, all sales are final. Beer mixed packs and merchandise will be held for up to 1 week for pick up in the event of a no-show. Food may not be able to be preserved for same day pick up and availability will be at the discretion of Oaktoberfest.
Many factors went into downsizing the event this year, namely health safety for you, and all involved parties. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to a fun and festive, and unique, day in Dimond at Oaktoberfest 2021, thank you for your involvement and coming out to raise a glass with your fellow Oaktoberfans! Prost!!
Yes. But no outside alcohol will be permitted.
Reserve adjacent tables or enjoy the standing and dancing room spaces.
You will receive them all at once, in unopened cans, on ice. Take home any unopened cans. NOTE: you cannot leave the event grounds with an open container
Yes. But to go back for a minute there is a beer style for everyone, talk to some of the beer experts at the event, they will suggest something that suits your pallet. Anyway, a few different varieties of wine will be available on site by the glass or the bottle, there will be individual ciders, and possibly a cocktail or two at the Oaktoberfest bar. There are also some great restaurants and bars within a blocks walk, you may want to explore. Try Bombera, Grand Lake Kitchen Dimond, and Club 2101
Yes. But, please keep them a safe (20foot) distance away from the food booths. Please also keep them a safe distance from other guests' tables. And of course if anyone is dog sensitive give them space.

Oaktoberfest 2021, October 9, 2021
3400 Dimond Ave
Oakland, CA

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