Oaktoberfest features 4 stages with simultaneous entertainment.

11:30 AM /

Highway 13

Highway 13 is an Oakland-based cover band featuring strong lead vocals, great back-up harmonies, and skillful musicianship
1:00 PM /


Traditional German Music, Prost!
2:15 PM /

AhSaTi Nu

AhSaTi Nu soulfully combines old school rhythm and blues, classical jazz, reggae roots with a little funk on top.
3:45 PM/

Hip Hop For Change

Hip Hop For Change seeks to address social injustices through education, community building, and the creation of a platform for people who identify with Hip Hop culture to express their true voices, selves, and culture. They create a space that emphasizes and encourages the root values of Hip Hop culture: peace, love, unity, and having fun.
5:00 PM /


JJ has been filling ears with a unique blend of Old School R&B, Soul, 80’s and Beyond Hip-Hop and “Surprises” for over 2 decades.  With a passion for all things musical, he infuses his sets with fun and love.
5:45 PM /


Mestiza gorgeously blends traditional Afro-Latin rhythms with soul and funk!