Rob Reich Trio

Rob Reich is quintessentially what makes the San Francisco music scene a vibrant and vital mecca for independent music; he’s become one of its stalwart underground artists. His music defies genre, combining strong melodic ideas, rhythmic drive, and a spirit of irreverence and experimentation. He is best known for his work with Tin Hat, Gaucho, and Circus Bella.
12:00 PM/

The Sauce

1:30 PM/

The Crux

“The Crux reach deep into musical history, reinvigorating and reinterpreting these musical traditions for our time and place with colorful lyrics that paint a fable, tell a riddle and leave you wondering how you interpret your own human experience.” – Showbams
3:00 PM/


Check out Bayonics’ newest single, “Solider Dance“!
4:20 PM/

Soji and The AfroBeat Band

Making his debut as a leader of his own band and celebrating the release of his CD, “In the Flow”, Nigeria’s legendary guitar master and singer Adesoji “Soji” Odukogbe was, among other things, the lead guitarist for the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s groundbreaking Afrobeat band.