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Carlos Jackson (CPJ) is the Co-Founder of (ATM) About The Music – Oakland

Eric Groove

Eric Groove has been a major contributor in the house music scene of Oakland. Promoter, event organizer, dj, and dabbles in percussion.

Co-founder of “(ATM) About The Music” crew established in 2009, which brought many events such as: “Backyard Boogie at ATM House”, Deeper Side of Soul”, “Waveforms” Boat Party, “Groovin’ In The Park”, and Oaktoberfest’s “Dancing in the Dimond” street festival are some of his residencies you can hear him play. His style of music selections range from Deep, Soulful, Afro & Classic – House, to Roots & Culture, Rocksteady, Rub-a Dub, Lovers Rock, Dancehall – Reggae, and more.

About The Music is dedicated to the promotion of house music and its culture…creating a positive community vibe through music, dance, and art at their events in Oakland for the last 10 years.

“I feel it’s my calling to bring people together to celebrate music, so let’s do this!”





DJ Kincaid fell in love with house music as a teenager at his first underground warehouse party in SF in 1992 and was immediately inspired. In 1996, he purchased a pair of Technics turntables with his saved up cash, and it was on from there. In house music and disco, he found a huge love and passion for djing, and has been at it ever since. His styles and vinyl collection, range from reggae/dancehall, classic hip-hop, disco/funk, and house…which he is primarily booked for. Kincaid’s affiliations: About The Music, Groovin’ In The Park, and SundayBliss produce a wide variety of parties including: daytime park parties, clubs, boat parties on the SF Bay, community festivals (including the annual Oaktoberfest event in Oakland), and many other gatherings in Oakland that’ve been going strong, since 1999. These popular gatherings feature special guest dj’s from around the globe, dance, culture, art, and amazing crowds which continue to spread the music, vibe, and love today. Kincaid also shares his music at many venues out of state, and abroad. In his 20+ years of spinning records, Kincaid has played alongside some of the most talented dj’s and producers in the business. Always close to the music, he’s worked for the classic Tweekin Records in SF, and part-time artist-relations assistant for Om Records in SF. Kincaid proudly holds a Bachelors of Science Degree, and has many years experience working in the live sound engineering field,  which has landed him many gigs with artists such as: Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, KD Lang, and George Clinton, just to name a few. The love & passion for the music, keeps Kincaid going strong
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House of Energi

Live Performance!
The House of Energi is a diverse family of dancers and artists committed to the preservation of House Ballroom culture. Known best as the birthplace of Vogue, Ballroom culture has long been a source of empowerment among the LGBTQ community of color.
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The Krow

Live Performance!

Oakland Native
Style – Flexing/Turfing
Battle Crowns – King of Battlefest Cali, Night Walker Session, Dexterity Dance League, (2x) YAK to the BAY Champion
Film production/owner of Black Light Entertainment

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New Style Hustle

Live Performance!
Based on the original partner dance of the 1970’s, the hustle, New Style Hustle allows freedom and variation of footwork and style as well as rhythm changes connecting with today’s music and generation. Robyn Baltzer is a Bay Area native who just moved back to the Bay after residing in NYC for 9 years where she pursued a dance career (Cirque Du Soleil), co-founded a dance movement (New Style Hustle) and opened a dance studio (The Spot Dance Center).  She is happy to be back in the Bay and continuing to share her knowledge of New Style Hustle!
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The Playboyz

Live Performance!
The Playboyz Incorporated (PBI) has been San Jose’s premier Popping crew for almost 40 years. They were established in 1981 by one of the current members, Bryan Moreno, during the height of the “Popping” craze, a dance that has its roots right here in the Bay Area. The Playboyz are dedicated to pushing the envelope and bringing a high energy performance wherever they go. They are also very ingrained in the preservation of the dance culture and are very knowledgeable on the dance’s history.
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Diamonds in the Rough

Live Performance!
Diamonds in the Rough is an eclectic mix of teens from Marin County dedicated to the study, expression, and enjoyment of Hip Hop’s four elements (Breakin’, DJing, Emceeing, Writing).  Aside from performing locally, the crew has travelled and competed out-of-state in places such as Hawaii, Albuquerque, Seattle, and Las Vegas.  The Diamonds believe in perpetuating the values of hip hop culture by sharing their craft with their community and future generations of youth bboys/bgirls by putting together street shows, youth-run events, and assisting with lessons within their local neighborhoods.


OVEOUS is a renaissance artist. This performer is a poet, rapper, singer, DJ and producer whose been on HBO, Late Night TV and won the Apollo so many times they kicked him out. His words in poems and music have made him one of the most highly sought after artists around the world. His recent release “Echoes Of Life” has garnered critical acclaim. Where his flows and content surpass what most expect from a vocalist/producer these days. Having worked with great artists like Roy Ayers, Louie Vega, OsunLade & Ursula Rucker have paved the way for artistic excellence. Here to share his inspiration, give it up for the world renowned artist. 
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Raheim Jihad

Oakland native Rahiem Jihad, is a name that is known by many in the deep house music circuit for a very long time. His unique and upbeat style makes it easy for anyone in his presence to hit the dance floor all night long. Playing for packed houses of people and alongside local and international talent such as; David Harness, Gene Hunt, Master Kev, Patrick Wilson, David Montoya, Karizma, Franky Boissy, and Julius the Mad Thinker. Jihad got his start early on; his father was also a DJ that influenced him by playing everything from 60’s soul music to early hip hop and dance tracks. His father blessed him with his very own DJ equipment and the magical relationship was born. Rahiem went on to play at numerous clubs and private parties before the age of 21. Along the way, he began to catch the eye of other great DJ’s that he had long looked up to. In 2011, was voted “Best DJ of the East Bay” by East Bay Express Magazine; which he says was an amazing honor.