2017 Entertainment

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Saturday, September 30th Artist Schedule              Sunday, October 1st Artist Schedule

11:15 AM/

Deutscher Musikverein of San Francisco

Traditional German marches, polkas, European folk and concert pieces.
12:15 PM/

Mad Zymurgist Home Brew Winner Announcement

Come and cheer for this year’s Homebrew winner!
12:30 PM/

Namorados Da Lua

Namorados Da Lua – translated from Portuguese as “Moon Lovers” – is the newest Brazilian band to hit the Bay Area. The band unites Brazilian and North American musicians with a common love of creating positive music with a message.
1:45 PM/

Batala Drum and Dance Ensemble

Batala Drum and Dance Ensemble makes their debut Oaktoberfest performance with their signature blend of Samba, Reggae and Afro-Brazilian percussion!
2:30 PM/

MJ's Brass Boppers

Attending a MJ’s Brass Boppers shows is the next best thing to following a brass band down New Orleans’ famed Claiborne Ave. The swinging and singing brass-line is the Bay Area’s only New Orleans-style brass band whose founding members were born and raised in New Orleans itself.

3:45 PM/

Ajai Kasim

Ajai Kasim is a consummate artist. From a very early age he showed signs of creativity with his drawing and art making skills. An Oakland creative, Ajai’s emphatic connection to creativity allows him to connect with all art and find ways to deliver his performance professionally with artistic intention. Be it poetry, dance, visual arts or MC’n, Ajai covers myriad forms of expression.
5:00 PM/

Sol Development feat Mino Yanci

SoL DeVeloPMeNT a Hip-Hop/Jazz/Soul ensemble based out of Oakland California is the soundtrack to the movement for justice, freedom and hope.

6:00PM /

DJ Cecil

 DJ Cecil’s music has delighted listeners and warmed up dance floors all over the world. Notably talented as a musician, recording engineer and producer, Cecil’s deep love for music stems from a childhood soundtrack of old jazz and gospel records, an adolescence inspired by hip hop’s golden era and the fine tunings of  studying classical piano.