Thank You 2019 Entertainers!

11:15 AM/

Deutscher Musikverein of San Francisco

Traditional German marches, polkas, European folk and concert pieces.
12:45 PM/

Andre Thierry

Andre Thierry, a name highly regarded amongst industry figures and fans throughout the music scene. True to his culture and  love of music, he has crafted a career well beyond his years as an artist. Andre’s French Creole heritage is deeply rooted in Louisiana although he was born and raised in Northern California. At a very young age, he embarked on a path with distinct knowledge and extraordinary talents.


Midtown Social

Midtown Social is redefining the California Soul sound with a no-fail good-time sweet spot you crave. Blending soul, funk and rock, this 9 piece ensemble draws on the arrangements by such family bands as Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone and Chicago, while provided provocative vocals influenced by Bill Withers, Tina Turner and En Vogue. With an eclectic community of musicians and styles, Midtown Social never fails to bring a high energy, live music dance party wherever it goes.
4:00 PM/


Rumbaché has established themselves as one of the hottest Bay Area Salsa Bands. Fusing salsa, timba, bomba, funk and whatever else they could find to spicen up the mood, they provide a hard hitting style of playing. And while you can hear them interpreting the classic and contemporary Cuban and Salsa repertoire, they are not shy with their own expression. Their fresh originals make them stand-out in a cover heavy scene. Rumbaché is the voice of youth for San Francisco’s Salsa scene, and ignites enthusiasm in dancers and musical connoisseurs alike.

5:15 PM/

Culture Shock Dance Ensemble

Culture Shock is a troupe of  individuals who through the power of music and dance, cultivate self worth, dignity and respect for all people.

5:45 PM/

Anita Lofton Project

Anita Lofton Project is an African-American Contemporary Roots, Folk, American, Acoustic and Indie Rock Folk group from Oakland, CA. We can’t wait to welcome them to Oaktoberfest!